About Us

Flooring isn’t merely a necessity; it’s a statement of what you represent. Of who you are. Of how you connect with the guests who will find themselves walking through your door. … So where do you want to take them? That’s where our designers come in. We understand flooring can metaphorically and literally be the fabric that pulls a space together. And our mission is to do just that with each design, with every inspiration.

Whether you want a subtle something to evoke a sense of comfort among grandeur, or something striking and assertive, Tarkett Hospitality can bring your custom look to life. It starts by indulging in the nuances, focusing on the little things that are so easy to overlook. We find our inspiration in the everyday, weaving it into our designs as you weave our flooring into your bigger picture. We focus only on what you do and ask ourselves how we can make your experience with us simple and seamless.